40G QSFP+ DWDM Transceiver


  • Single-wavelength 40G PAM4 transmission
  • Fixed wavelengths on DWDM 100GHz Grid
  • Up to 80km over SMF (with DCM and EDFA)
  • Duplex LC connector
  • Integrated FEC function
  • Power dissipation 3.5W (typical)
  • 4x10G XLAUI host interface
  • Compliant with QSFP+ MSA SFF-8636
  • QSFP+ MSA digital monitoring functions

Product Description

Alpine Optoelectronics’ 40G DWDM QSFP+ pluggable optical transceiver modules are designed for multiple 40GbE links up to 80km distance over standard G.652 single mode optical fibers (SMF). For short distances, e.g. several kilometers, no EDFA and dispersion compensation modules (DCM) are required. But for relative longer distances, EDFA and DCM are required to compensate the fiber link loss and fiber dispersion.
The module’s DWDM transmitter is on the ITU-T defined 100GHz spacing DWDM grid, and is Laser Class 1 compliant according to International Safety Standard IEC-60825. The receiver section uses a wideband PIN-PD detector and is DWDM channel independent. Digital diagnostics functions are available via the I2C interface as specified by QSFP+ MSA specification SFF-8636.


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